Rattlesnake Vaccine

Rattlesnake Vaccine

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What it does?

The Rattlesnake vaccine covers all the pit vipers bites such as Rattlesnakes, Copper heads, and Water Moccasin/ Cotton Mouth. When Pre-treated with the Rattlesnake vaccine; it helps build your dog’s immunity to the snakes’ venom.

How it works?

The vaccine can greatly reduce the amount of trauma from the snake bite. Not every bite is the same, depending on how threatened the snake feels at the time of the bite they have the ability to control the amount of venom they inject. That is why every snake bite is treated as an emergency and needs to be seen by your veterinarian immediately.

How it’s Treated?

Treating a snake bite can include antivenin, hospitalization, antibiotics, IV fluids, and pain medicine. This can be expensive! Ranging from a few hundred to possibly thousands of dollars. you cant afford not to vaccine.




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